Reviews for "3D Pong Z"

Intresting concept

Very intresting concept, quite well executed too, though, you should work some more on the backgrounds, and the ball looks kinda strange.
The loading sequence and the menu aint that good either, but overall it's quite good.
Kinda reminds me of this old game I played on Machintosh called Diamond 3d or something like, looked pretty much like this but you were supposed to shoot the ball so you destroyed bricks...


good stuff

pretty good man

that was fucking cool,
I really enjoyed it!
The background was also fucing cool
do more

It was okay for pong

Pretty basic stuff, and the 3D is a little disorienting. This was nothing compared to "Firefields" though, go search for it and play it if you haven't already. That game should have a way higher score. By the way, the last reviewer "YorkJelly" needs to shut the hell up, that's no reason to vote zero on a flash here. Maybe you like your newgrounds clogged up with bandwidth up your ass, but most of us don't. This is a great idea to have a Flash linked like this, Channel_Cat, how did you do it?

its alright,

but if you pur the upper edge of your paddle at the bottom edge of the ball, you can win every time. So randomize how the enemy hits the ball on the first hit