Reviews for "Captive Cassandra"

I noticed this from years ago and it still is hot. On short ones if they are popular do you ever expand them? please!!!!

I like the minotaur cos, hey, big fictional creature in sexual act. Always been a thing for me, werewolves being my #1. But I can't say I loved the animation, though props on the graphics cos they were pretty nice.

As for the whole "rape" discussion I saw below, there's actually two kinds of fantasy, ya know? Raptophilia is what women want from their "attackers", it's the fetish for committing rape BUT it includes fantasies and roleplay. Biastophilia is what you don't want, which is 100% actual sex crime. It's actually common in guys too, both committing the act and being victim to it (by either gender). However, at the end of the day, it all just boils down to one big power play: You either want to lose control or you want to take it all. Generally speaking, however, sex that's not strictly consented to is rape by law even if you're dating/married to said person. So a rape fantasy can be very much real, you just need to have an open mind and someone who's willing to jump you at a moments notice. Verbal consent is the go to, considering it's not forced by any means, as other ways don't promise agreement. And resistance instantly means consent has been refuted. It's why so many rape cases based on false allegations dissolve into arguments. Consent's tricky to prove.

I realize I rambled for a bit but 1) I play both sides of the fantasy, mostly the victim for guys but mostly the attacker for women. But I can't ever end them as if it was actually rape (tears, pain, sadness, etc), I'd feel terrible to the point of sickness even if it is entirely fictional! 2) I like to help explain things. I'm kinda a shrink. Sexual things are just fun to talk about. 3) Of course I'd chip in to the conversation! I'm pretty open minded, but some of my tastes spook people. ^^" Whoops...

Wonderfull <3

StudioFOW responds:

~ <3 ~

i always found it funny theres a lot of women that like rape but you know not everyone can admit such things also ya know that implies you dont want it so i guess things get weird idk rape is something i dont agree with i guess but my views are all in mossaic translation now days im dont know what to think eitherway great stuff you guys make i didnt even know some of it was here...

StudioFOW responds:

Thank you! Most of us understand that rape is not okay. There are fantasies of being taken against your will, both by the recipient and the 'assailant' but, of course, if you're fantasizing about it then you actually want it, so that isn't actually rape.

We do not condone rape as a real life practice; we are very much against it for obvious reasons. The 3D world is also a very diverse place where many things can happen that are not normally possible.

In my opinion, easily your best work. I love Dark Souls, so that's a bit of bias, but I love the girl, she is fantastic, and the situation is great too! I also like that there are different positions, unlike some of your other stuff!