Reviews for "Captive Cassandra"

3d kind of sucks because its impossible to shape and simulate genitels properly. Especially vaginas. Usually it just looks like the dick is noclipping through the girl, and that's just not sex lol.

StudioFOW responds:

This is where you must fall in to a compromise, if you're going to watch it in the first place :3

However, better technology and software is in the process of happening, so we will be able to achieve better results as we move forward.

enjoyed it

noticed her ass and thighs clipping through monster loins a few times, but on the whole I loved it.

Now...as always, whatta ride! Great work!Love yer Vids!

Love the Soul Calibur series, (mostly the girls,) and the fact you made this parody adds icing to the cake.

I remember playing Soul Calibur at the arcades and becoming one of the best local players there. The real reason I played it was for Taki and that skin tight outfit she wore. It cost me a dollar in quarters to play and I can honestly say that I made it rain every day there.

As for a real review, this is fantastic, and I can tell you put in a lot of effort into the finer details to avoid clipping. I'm not sure how you manage to use dongs of that calibur without them poking their heads out of people's bellies, but congrats on getting it right! There is only one thing I think could improve the whole, that is to make it whole instead of FTBing to the next scene, but that is not a negative at all. Just an opinion of how I see it could be improved. 5/5 from me!

StudioFOW responds:

We're glad you enjoyed it and thank you for the honest review! <3