Reviews for "hitBox"

I like it!

The minimalist art was really polished and well done. In fact, the whole look and experience was refreshingly clean. However, the controls and game mechanics weren't very intuitive. When introducing new mechanics, it would have been extremely helpful to have a text description of how to interact with them, like an in-game tutorial.

Also, I noticed that when using a laptop's mousepad one needed to double-tap even if the hardware settings are set to single-tap. This turned the "x2" box into a quadruple-click, which could get tiring. This was consistent on multiple machines.

whileworking responds:

I'm really glad you like the style of hitBox! The ingame tuts are "clean" as well, but actually clear as well. (You cannot go further if you don't understand them ;))

Yeaaaaah well, playing this game with a mouse is way more fun than using a pad indeed.

I guess I'm going to show bias by saying I didn't enjoy this because I wasn't good at it. Even looking at the walkthrough, I couldn't understand it. Level 5 is the one I can't get past. It just doesn't seem that interesting to really care about. I guess the layout is nice. The music isn't bad.

It just did little for me. I need more straightforward gameplay. Well, maybe this was too straightforward. It just had little variety. It wasn't rewarding.

whileworking responds:

Cannot really agree on the variety point. But it's ok, it just isn't your kinda game.

Making it an aiming/timing issue made this not a puzzle game at all.

The art and sound was ok. The UI was bad because of the long delay in between attempts.

The mechanics were just annoying.

whileworking responds:

Ok, guess that just wasn't the right game for you. The mechanics actually work pretty fine but yes, it is rather a "skill" game with some puzzle elements than a pure "puzzle" game. "Puzzle - Toss" was still the most suitable genre to choose. Sorry for the misunderstanding here ;)

Need a way to turn the quality down... Like right click, low quality.