Reviews for "hitBox"

Discovered this 1st at reddit, played it several times, and I wasn't bored of replaying it now. Love the feel, the look, the smoothness of the movements.. all!
I bet there's more to be done, more tricks to be found (eg: you can take shortcuts with 1 double click on some levels) + I really wouldn't mind more! :D

whileworking responds:

Thank you very much. I'm happy you like hitBox!

This is really cool. Quite a nice challenge. Only problem I had was that it ended too soon ;)
I see some other people down here saying that this is "too hard", "not a puzzle game", or "the tutorial is too vague". In my opinion it's almost perfect; a lot of games nowadays feel too easy because the developers want to appeal to casuals. And it is a puzzle game: you have to figure out the velocities and the paths in your head; however it challenges your mental chronometry and your kinesthetic skills by necessitating movements that are both fast and precise, which also makes it a "skill game".
I do have one suggestion, though. While I was playing, I found it fun to try and challenge myself even further by trying to complete each level in the fastest time/with the least number of "moves" (disconnecting and connecting/touching the least amount of boxes. The achievement I'm most proud of is completing level 35 in 2 moves. I just wish there was tracking for these stats; maybe even a competitive scoreboard..? That would be really fun.
7/5 good game, would revisit in 10 years for nostalgia purposes.

Digged it. Simple, not too long, not too short. I would've appreciated a higher difficulty curve, or a star rating system based on time or number of attaches. The game itself was a bit easy.

I really need this soundtrack.

The concept was so simple, yet it's addicting