Reviews for "Captain Tardigrade: Safety Tips"

I really loved the humor in the first episode of Captain tardigrade, but this episode felt rather generic to me. Placing him in this setting just didnt fit and also the jokes were kinda "lame" imho.

It's so hard for them to tell which Timmy I mean to talk about.
So I gave them all something to identify them by...
One slap to the face for Timmy, one punch in the face for Timmy, and last but not least, one cookie for Timmy.
Timmy deserves that cookie.

I noticed the waterbear then I noticed the title lol Kudos for making this, it was fun :p

Captain Tardigrade sounds like Robert Benfer.

So this is a thing now? I'm not really oriented on the whole Captain Tardigrade really but this intrigued me on a whole new level, So surreal and dark yet its quite gratifyingly hilarious albeit I'm guilty about it.
Anyways, would like to see more shorts like these, short but sweet.