Reviews for "Captain Tardigrade: Safety Tips"

How is this so good?

Nice idea

So this one had a really nice idea behind it and some good detail too but love the dark element you push forward here I really liked it and was entertained with this so really good work here I look forward to even more

My suggestion is to make them even darker in element and story


man I had no idea this was even a thing now

God that was dark, fucking perfect

Lol, okay if you are going to go for the whole 1950's space captain hero thing... Use the music. A good example of what I mean is


these tracks, in a well placed theme, could make your story have a bit of flare that fits the theme you are aiming at. However I wont complain. Honestly the movie is good and I could see a lot of audio issues could happen like maybe missing some dialogue cause of the music being too loud.
I laughed, it was funny, and the jokes are well timed and well placed. Just some people don't 'get it' as for the audio quality I have a feeling that was on purpose for the theme is old 1950's space captain.