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Reviews for "Rody Fight!"

I wish you had added keyboard controls, because the fact that there are no visible borders make not to misclick hard.

This game is so hard.

is this mayor duterte?

keybol responds:

Haha yes!

Why are people saying this is so hard or fast? It's really not.

The only part of the game that presents a slight challenge is the final boss and even then only during his final phase. The entire rest of the game is easy pie.

I would prefer a keyboard rather than a mouse game though. Especially for something with as simple controls as this, would it have been too much trouble to include some keyboard controls? It's essentially just a three button press for top, middle, bottom.

To be honest I'm really not a fan of the whole tablet and smartphone direction games seem to be going lately. They lead to overly-simplified, click-centric games.

This is well-made and everything, but it is clear it was designed with a tablet or smartphone in mind.

F*ck you and your Motherf*cking impossible F*cking game

I'm going to the hospital, hope they don't amputate my hand