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Reviews for "Rody Fight!"

its so fucking fast!

Holy shit, this game is hard.

But hell, I like it, and having my chiptune in there gives it a realistic retro feel. Aside from clicking the mouse, anyway.

Very interesting and challenging game!

He's my presidential vote in the first place, so I'm happy to see solid support in the form of interactive games like this one.

keybol responds:

Yay thank you!

I'm being completely honest: this game is unplayable. I honestly don't know why everyone else loved it. I play a lot of games and even so WHO can move their mouse fast enough to deal with these enemies. Half a style for art/sprites style.

keybol responds:

People have beaten the game with mouse. You can also try the mobile version and see if it's easier for you

I LOVED this. And as a supporter of Duterte (had been even before he started his campaign) I'll surely vote for him and hope he'll win this May's election! To change and a better Philippines!!!

keybol responds:

Thank you!