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Reviews for "Zombidle"

Elevating Bobs level does not increase his stats. used to happen around 400-500 but recently happened at 200. Does anyone else have this issue or resolution? Still a great game!

I had gotten kinda far. Had Bob at lvl 100. Had a lot of powerful non tap monsters. Then this game just randomly set all my stats back to zero. So zero it is!

A new issue has started for me, after using a portal, I will accrue skulls for a bit and then once I have upgraded the minions, skulls stop accruing.

lags like like a granny at the supermarket tills

Excellent game, but I am having the same problem as the last 2 reviewers. Kind of glad to know that I'm not the only person having this problem. Other then that great game, can't wait to start playing it again.