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Reviews for "Zombidle"

Great game been a while since I play it.

Fun game for like 10 mins. Then there was a screen asking if I wanted to watch an ad. Disgusting.

This was a fine idle game. I'll miss it!
Also I want to say you guys really did a lot with flash over the years and it seems like it paid off. JSnB is a success-you really made it to console games. Great job!

I really hope you guys make your sources open once this is all fully sunsetted, it would be a shame if nobody could learn from it or run it for themselves!

For a very long time this game was great fun. I have played since almost the beginning (started in September of 2016). Unfortunately the game has been dead for so long it is time to put this to rest once and for all.

All of the guys at berzerk studio did an excellent job on this game, and while it was being kept up it was great because there was always something new to look forward to. I know the devs went on to other projects, but I hope they understand the power that having a game that was always new actually had. There are not many games that you can want play literally for 4 years before deciding to stop. Granted the last year was just feeble hope that it would come back to life.

I know that any new players can still get all of the items those of us who played the entire game were able to, but it can't be the same without the themed events. I think that this game really was something special and in a way it is kind of fitting to watch it die out along with flash. But it will always have a place in my heart.

Thank you for all the good times Berzerk. Best of luck to wherever you have decided to go!

Edit: Just a quick note to my goodbye to zombidle. Unbeknownst to myself Berzerk Studio did a podcast on the same day that I posted this (yesterday in my time), where they finally stated that Zombidle is in-fact 'dead' dead and that it will be allowed to die with flash. There will be no more updates and as soon as server costs exceed income the server will be shut down. When the server shuts down all of the parts of the game that require server access will no longer function. This includes hell, bounties, diamonds, and the surgery lab. That being said the Berzerk podcast was essentially a funeral for Zombidle giving it a send off, there were 1000 diamonds in codes.

Looks like I chose the 'right' time to call it quits.

Phantasmagorically awesome!