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Reviews for "Zombidle"

Supergame, played +2 years, finaly a new upgrade for Endgame players. Super

Amazing. ( however it does lag a bit, ) Love the graphics, and I'll definitely be coming back to grind on this ;)

on the wiki it says he adjusted the offline play from a 1000 to a hundred to make it more accurate but i feel like it just makes it harder to progress through the game

The skulls I get when offline are less than 1 hut's worth when online. Other than that love the game.

I find this great but when I finally got myself strong enough try to beat the first Cthulhu king he no longer had a spawn point, WTF? (Did beat the crap out of the lvl 6000 angel though, so is wan't a total loss). Did you take them out of the game? Because if you did how are we supposed to get mercs on the last normal level?

Edit: NM beating the wizards unlocks the mercs.