Reviews for "Fanmade Undertale boss fight"

5 damage per hit... i felt good about myself when i saw i had 25 health. Still it's a good great game bro!

Poosac responds:


It's good, but It would be better if we had a turn to fight, act all that stuff. But It's still good. (jeez, the s on my keyboard is hard to type XD I had to fix my s words a lot XDD)

Not bad. Just the Undertale fights give you a sort of break when it's your turn. And a slight hint at the next move. We also have no ability to attack or change the fight in our favour. So basically, the entire menu. We need that.

An introduction would be nice as well, get a little story in there. Dialogue for mid-game is a must though. Like when the boss gets damaged somehow (might need to clear up why it gets damaged as well)

The few bugs I could find are
-The movement glitch where you move faster when you stick against a wall.
- The hitbox for the red lasers or the heart itself is bigger than intended, as I lost lives without touching them.In the game, the hitbox for the heart is in the middle, not the entire heart itself.
- Once you get damaged, there's no immunity. If you get hit by the coins, you'll immediately lose 15 lives.
- The boss itself looks wonky on its own. Why does it have holes everywhere?

I'd like to see a debugged and improved version if possible. It already does feel like Undertale though

Poosac responds:

Hey dude, i just updated the game, but thnx for you review anyways, but i will try to get those features in my game !

some annoying sounds for me, but it is actually not as bad as I thought it would be, I give you ......okay 3,5 since I haven´t finished it yet, but like I said I only don´t like the sound and believe the rest is good.


Poosac responds:

Thnx dude!