Reviews for "Fanmade Undertale boss fight"

AWESOME if toby fox played this game then i think he would appreciate it very much

Poosac responds:

Thnx dude! :D

The game is incomplete in terms of mechanics, but I really feel the difficulty of the game, unfortunately I have not finished and I could not see the end, but I really like the game.

I've never played Undertale myself; I've only watched playthroughs of them, but this game seems like a good representation of what each battle is like. It's too bad we can't do any actions other than to dodge the enemy attacks.

Okay, this REALLY needs adjustments. First off, we get no introduction. Most fan-made Undertale fights usually have this to make their game good. Without this, the game feels unfinished.

Then we have some of the most core mechanics you're missing. We don't have Spare, Item, Mercy or Attack. Without these, you pretty much have a game of Dodge The Bullets and wait for the enemy to stop attacking for good.

Now, here's one small problem, but one worth improving. You know that part with the lasers? If you stay in one, you take no repeat damage. This may sound counter-productive due to making the game harder, but you're trying to stick the original game, right? Well, if you truly want that, at least have the combat system model after the game.

Lastly, we have the design of our monster itself. Our monster looks unfinished, and that's putting it nicely. All in all, this game needs some touching up before it's even released. I give you half a star for at least having the dodging system down (mostly), but the rest of the game is so clunky it feels as if this game is unfinished.

Poosac responds:

Sorry but your review is a little weird i get the introduction part that you mentioned but i'm not copying undertales full game mechanic it's worthless to add a mercy button or a fight if i made more then one fight in this game i could add it and yes the game contains some bugs but it is now 2 hours on the internet, but do you really think it deserves a half star i mean it's not a game made in fucking scratch with sprites from ms paint, I'm not hating on you I just think you just played the game for 20 seconds and already had your review in mind.

And btw the game ends at some point, i treid to make the game sync up with the music thats why i didnt add the fight and mercy and talk button. I hope i changed your mind about my review on your review.

(Major Spoilers) This is amazing and almost as hard as Sans himself.