Reviews for "Fanmade Undertale boss fight"

This is a pretty nice boss battle. Maybe make another one? <3

Poosac responds:

I want to finish this one first buddy!

okay, you have updated the game so I will review both versions.
(before the update) the monster doesn't look intimidating in the slightest, it's just an egg-head with 'hands' shooting bullets. I did like how every fase changed his appearance, but it is so random for a undertale game. the monster has no name, no dialog and no personality is given to him giving me no reason to spare or kill him, O WAIT, YOU CAN'T DO THAT. I don't know what undertale is to you, but it's far from a 'bullet-hell' game on its own. undertale is an RPG with the feature to kill or spare enemies with a bullet-hell minigame thrown in the mix. if you take away the kill/spare option and RPG elements, the game will be a short, generic and dull game. also, if you die, it takes ages before the monster tries to kill you again, I know you want it to be synchronized with the music, but couldn't you just cut some of the music. but what really gets me is the ending, I decided to give the music a listen and heard a weird growl at the end, this gave me the reason to continue till the end and it was......disappointing. the game gave me nothing to do at the end and the game just stopped. it was just baffling how you could end a game at such a train-wreck.
however, you did update the game showing that you care about the game, so i will give you that.
but the update changed none of my problems. the utterly dumb ending is still there, and the only thing you changed is the enemy look, the background (it is a nice little touch) and you added some dialog. the enemy (and hands) look better now, but you removed the fact that the enemy went insane over time. it could be done without the blood, but it was the ONE FEATURE of the entire battle that caught my attention. without it, the game became even more dull. you did add some dialog, but again, it was nothing special. it was just the "I’m going to kill you without any reason'' motivation. and that made it AGAIN more dull than normal. if your boss has even less personality than lesser dog, than we might have a problem. and this might be a nitpick, but couldn't you make a connection between the boss and the underground. for example: make him a wandering soul of one of the 6 humans who got infected with alphys's 'determenation' and wants to kill every human it sees (I don't know, you're the game designer, I shouldn’t be the one to think of this).
but I am not a soulless person so I will give you credit where credit is due, the music isn't half-bad and it sounds really cool........that's it really.

in conclusion, this is a game that could be good, but misses all the ingredients to a good game, let alone a undertale fan game. it felt like a cash-in on the undertale fandom and it is downright insulting. (I also noticed that your last game was another fan-game on a popular indie game, FNAF, so my theory might be right).
all I gotta say right now, is that you seriously need to improve.

Poosac responds:

Dude, thank you for your review. I'm working on the dialog and i'm adding spare and fight function in the next update it's going to be a big update. but i like to thank you for that you put so much time in this review so i will give you a green +. it really helped me I hope you like the next update :)

Alas poor,


Playing this awesome game fills you up with determination.

Your on the right track, I can see you making a really cool boss fight. I'm not one to encourage, but please add more updates or even another fan game.

This game does not give me any determination.
I thought it would be promising, I thought the popular meant something. But I am sorry not sorry. But this game is a failure, please try again.

Poosac responds:

I'm sorry pal :(