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Reviews for "Survive Day 2"

Morel of the story: In the end, it's always better to sleep in a tent much better than on a log. Hopefully we'll be able to end the day in the upcoming sequel by resting in a mansion! :-D

Although I like this series, I wish it made more sense. A lot of it is making large jumps in logic that are barely explained. Even at the start there was no evidence that the townspeople were in anyway trying to harm you. You just automatically decide to run from a situation where they could potentially be helping. A lot of the other puzzles are also jumps in logic on how you suddenly know what you need to do for them.
Good game, poor storyline.

A litle confused, i dont like of games with scape genre.

why are you making those weird looking point and pixel hunt ´´adventures´´ without walktrough that keep repeating even getting you back into previous game?

selfdefiant responds:

Because you are on an island.

oh no im trapped in a hut with only a lighter and the door is locked by a rope knot! i definitely shouldn't burn off the rope with the lighter...

selfdefiant responds:

No you should, then the hut would burn with you inside!