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Reviews for "Survive Day 2"

It really is a strange island.
There's an aztec disc with germanic runes and non-aztec numbers next to an indian temple and a tribal village. The moon stays always at the same spot in the sky no matter which direction you look, enlightening a sun-filled beach with orthogonal palm shadows.
A true world's wonder. :)

selfdefiant responds:

It truly is a mystical place, it reminds me of a dream.

I don't understand how you get the 5 digit code with the 2 clues given. I looked up the walkthrough, but that part still doesn't make sense. Can someone explain it to me?

Not a bad series so far, even if nothing makes sense. Do you intend to explain why the native captured us and then let us go, or is it all just part of the surrealism?

I found the night scene before sleeping to be striking and magical. Great visual effect.

The only criticism I have is that some of your "live action" photo games become pixel hunts, which isn't fun for anyone, but I've said that before, and I still play your games :P. Fact remains, though, that I only found the bamboo by randomly clicking as I happened to have the proper item selected. Dumb luck.


@Genesgirl: So normally, A = 1, B =2, C =3, etc. If A=10, as per the clue, then Z must = 9, Y = 8, X = 7, etc. Once you discover where 1 starts, you can apply that to the letters on the outside of the plane.

Fun installation in the series but I had a werid bug the first time I played it. When I started, I started with the machete and lighter outside the hut, next to the stone tablet with the clue to the first puzzle (I didn't know this wasn't supposed to happen until I went to play it through a second time). Other than that, had fun with this one too!

Not bad. A good length and the puzzles were fun. I wouldn't have been able to figure out the combination in the plane without a walkthrough though. I guess I'm unable to comprehend that part.