Reviews for "Just Jump"

falling in fire breaks flash.
Other than that it's playable I guess, and music is nice

It had humor and some good "Keep Trying" components.
It had some replay value. (3 times)

Negatives - Very Short - The journey could have been longer with more signs.
Glitches - Could get stuck in the sky, or leave the far screen and avoid the RIP sign getting you.

I see you are happy with your first attempt, but why publish if you could have gone on to make a game that would have at least had people play it more than 3 times.

StuffedWombat responds:

Thanks for taking the time to give me some feedback!

First off: I never intented this to have any replay value. For me this game focuses about solving one problem and its the feeling of accomplishement once you figured it out that i was aiming for.
The lat sign is skippable, i know, but noone that plays this for the first time would actually try to jump over it.

This was supposed to be an interactive short story with no replay value, which makes it even better that you see some in there :)