Reviews for "Just Jump"

2 tries to finish it, and yeah, in fact, just jump... lol
Fun !

Nice little game, with a Clear message, "Don't fall into fire, Your computer will crash"

That was the message, right?
I think it might'ev been, But i don't know, Because i was able to complete the game after about 6 tries, so The game is possible, I rate 3 and stars!

If you must play this terrible game don't fall into the fire located at the bottom right of the map, your browser will crash.

This game should be removed as it intentionally crashes flash causing users to restart their browser. This is abuse and should not be tolerated.

StuffedWombat responds:

oh come on.

I even put a sign next to the fire pit that says "please dont"

its not my fault that you wouldnt listen.

Broken game is broken. Plus, no mute.

StuffedWombat responds:

would you please explain why you think that the game is broken?

i am the only one who could fix it.

Music is a bit annoying for me..