Reviews for "Just Jump"


At least the controls worked, but it's a really short game with no clear goal. When I went into the pit of fire my browser stopped responding.

i died anyway :/

This has been the best 60 seconds of 2016 for me.

The music immediately captivated me and I felt as if I were in for a bit of a treat.

"Oh god, lol." I thought to myself, as I started to read some of the inspirational messages. "It's another one of THOSE games." I still continued forward, as it was better than most little projects I'd seen up until this point in Under Judgement.

Then it hit me. "Self improvement is harder than masturbation." Said the talking naked wise man.

Some undertale like reminiscence occurred as I was unexpectedly flying through the air. I was smirking at this rubbish. I never smirk at rubbish.

For those who haven't played the game through, I'll let them discover the blissful ending for themselves.

11/10 would RIP again.

Jumping in the fire caused my browser to crash.