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Reviews for "Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny: Cinematic Trailer"

*Stands and applauds*

Like it so far. Wondering how you guys are going to get away with some of the characters they have in the song. As far as I know some of them don't have models that you could get. Lo Pan, Mister Rogers, Arron Carter, the Blue Meany, are just some that come to mind.

No chuck norris. Epic fail.

loved it, every piece of it.
the idea of pitting slender-man and pyramid head in a death-match...
the witcher and the dragonborn, Adam Jensen vs the prophet, Isaac Clarke vs Alex Mercer,
and was that the EVA unit 2 VS DOOM?
one word : GLORIOUS
wish they make an actual game about it; but it will not be this good.
BTW did someone else noticed the ODST are using mass effect weapons on the queen alien?

mohawkade responds:

Some were, others were using Unreal Tournament weapons

Jensen: What is happening?
Lemon Demon: ♫This is the ultimate showdown♫
Jensen: I never asked for this.