Reviews for "Mobs, Inc."

It's one of the best already. The only thing I would ask for is the easier mode with unlimited lives.

This is pretty good, but trying to use the controls with a touch-pad makes this game really hard. Still a nice game though.

Controls kinda a pain to use at first, but the art and fluid programming made it a very satisfying game afterwards, however, there's no real skill involves; you just gotta land your attacks, and spells are disposable, as they're op and recharge quickly. Interesting concept, nice story and upgrades, also the cutscenes were needlessly long and repetitive.

WOW! This game was a lot of fun. It kept me really entertained. It has the unique ability to both fascinate and repulse me at the same time. It fascinates me to see how far I can go, and it repulses me to always fail. It's challenging enough to make me want to break my keyboard and come find the person responsible for creating this game and break his keyboard too. But then I just click play and start again. It's sort of like crack.

Alright so, love the animation, something simple, great easter egg in the lobby(Metro Cop and Creeper). 5/5