Reviews for "Mobs, Inc."

i know u haven't had all the time in the world.. but there should allwayz be time to add a mute button. otherwise pretty impressing game. u'r propably allready aware that this should get some stuff added and be released to buy or even be made a "real game".. right? do ya? i think u do.

Great game with fluid movement and awesome action! Only thing is that it stops after three promotions, and you always have the same monster.
got to level 80. I have no life.

Level 75. Dont know how. Either way great game. Please expand on it or add more forms/power ups.

I would love to see this expanded either on steam or on consoles. This was a lot of fun and very addictive. I would definitely support this game if it was on greenlight.

Man this game is so freaking cool i reached level 65, amazing art and music, that is a good game :)