Reviews for "Mobs, Inc."

Great game, Only improvement that I think would make this game better is instead of the 4th time be get back to work. It should be YOU'RE FIRED!

About 3 things that hold this back from being enjoyable long term, and I'm pretty sure most of it stems from the limited time frame, as there's less time for analysis and rethinking little details.

Regardless, here they are:
-Abilities are not randomized, meaning the play style is essentially linear.
-Enemies do not clear when you die, meaning the moment you spawn you're being ganked. At high levels where every hit has to go as far you can make it, this becomes absurdly annoying.
-The primary attack is not always accurate, don't ask me why, but especially at point blank it has a nasty tendency to miss, sometimes repeatedly. Most the time it's fine, and most attacks don't take part at point blank, but combined with the fact archers adjust to rapid shifts being needed in their aim with 100% accuracy, up until they fire their shot, this means you can be lining up to kill an archer at point blank, you have the drop on them, and the BAM! You miss, they fire, they hit, you get screwed. Sometimes even if they don't squeeze of the shot accurately (fired mid-attack and you dodged it) or haven't fired yet, you can proceed to reclick with cursor right on top of them cutting triangles around them for another 2 or 3 hits at a time, making this issue really just stand out.

I assume the lack of accuracy may relate to something funny with the way attack direction is computed combined with a minimum strike distance that occurs, but it will even rarer happen at longer ranges, but I have no theory as to why there. Thanks to the included reticule, it is incredibly easy to spot when it happens though, in case you ever decide to look into that a bit more for mathematical reference or what have you.

Interesting piece, excellent art, simple enough concept and plays solid, if not perfect, 95% of the time. Past those 3 bulletins, a skip button for the warning or promotion cinematic would make this more replayable as well, as brief and relatively entertaining as they are.

4/5, 8/10 ~WCCC

Epic! but need wait 30 MINUTES to play this game...

Very impressive, it's at the same time simple but very addictive and enjoyable, well done.

One word can fit it: EPIC