Reviews for "Supermuzhik"

You know, after reading all the reviews I thought this was going to be a great game. After all who doesn't like some mindless fun just destroying stuff? Then I played the game and I was SO, SO wrong!

The first few stages are fun, I'll give you that, then at stage 4 is where things start to take a turn. I don't mind the enemies with the shields, it makes sense to make the enemies harder to kill as you go up in levels, what I DO hate are the cheap shots that the enemies get that basically mean one little fuck up and you're dead.

Why did you make it so that the shooting emeries that appear in stage four can shoot--and hit you with pinpoint accuracy--from off screen? Then, when you try to hit back, if you're a millimeter off of the target you miss by a mile? Also, just how powerful are the bullets they use where they can stop a section of a building from hitting them with one shot?

I can understand the player using a section of a building they may have picked up like a shield to stop a shot from one of them but when you hurl a section of a skyscraper it should not be stopped dead by a single bullet from them.

Also, it is just me of is there some kind of bug that makes it so if you're not right on target with picking up power-ups you don't get them? I had a freezing power-up right above me, I flew through it SIX times before it disappeared, and on each pass I was maybe a micron off center yet I didn't get it.

Nothing infuriates a gamer more than a game that just screws with you, doesn't reward you power-ups when you need them and makes so that if you fuck up one little time it's game over. This is one of the worst games I've played on here in a long time.

And, for the record, I'm not posting this after just one play through. I've played the game five times and have invested over an hour in each play through so that I can truly review the game honestly and this is my honest critique.

0 needs more work sozz but sitll good intro and fine has local safe and other login functions

i cant pick up people

wont load so im not mad at the game im just sad that i cant play it.