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Reviews for "Supermuzhik"

before: well this is interesting...
during:i like this
after: well this is starting to get hard but its funny tho!

really good

Спасибо, посмеялся с заставки. Игра годная, минимум на 10 звезд.


Very fun and engaging attraction. It's like a constructor backwards: your character can eventually turn everything (including enemies!) into weapon, and this is super fun. Also there’s a nice feeling of your superpowers progression, which eventually changes the gameplay few times from violently anarchic to just abusively super powerful.
Gameplay basically consists of three major elements: fighting enemies with telekinetic powers and different weapons, collecting coins and powerups during the fight, and spending those coins on your character abilities upgrades. Each of these elements is well integrated with the others: hitting enemies gives you powerups and coins that you have to collect, collecting powerups is essential to surviving and fighting enemies more effectively, and collecting coins gives access to new abilities, that eventually change the way you fight enemies and collect things. Also some of the abilities I felt were more effective than the others; for example, I didn't found much use for the teleport ability or bullet enhancement ability, but maybe that's just me. Ultimately, every aspect of the gameplay serves to create an energetic and excitable combat experience, which is at the core of the game itself. I liked that the difficulty level is enjoyably high, but not too high, and that in the progress of the game its rules and possibilities expand, allowing for even more fluent and lively experience. In fact, at some point it became so lively, that I had troubles finding my character on the screen because of all the visual mayhem he caused, and often missing the playable area of the screen with my cursor.
As to the game's theme, musical, visual and thematic, I think it could not be chosen better. Since characters figures are drawn very sketchy, the pixilated violence looks cartoony and funny. The joy of just throwing civilians or buildings in the air, where they explode upon colliding with enemy and looking on the resulting gory fireworks is as fun and ecstatic, as it would be horrifying and repulsive if something like this happens in the real life. Blocky appearance also enhances the feeling of a kind of anti-constructor game, where you have to create chaos from neatly ordered system of blocky elements. The superhero theme is perfectly fitting for such an environment, since the very concept of super heroism involves a sense of superiority to any human-created order, social, juridical and spatial. Here this idea is simply taken to the extreme, so that city space is rendered just as a sort of a mix between playground and battlefield for superhero and his foes. His motivation (revealed through rather poorly drawn exposition comics - why not to use pixel art here too?) is ultimately selfish too.
Overall, this game offers a very fun and violent experience. I've played through it in one breath, since it's gameplay composition creates a nice rhythm of excitement, stress, discharge and satisfaction.