Reviews for "You Are The Victim"

Reality dawg

It was fun

This little flash was fun for what it was, but it gets kinda predictible after awhile thats not a bad thing or anything but maybe you can mix it up. The lack of "MEDALS" was ok the pixle like graphics was fun and entertaining it was actually a pretty good idea you had here with the camer and killing so it was not too bad of an idea and I had fun with it. This was a decent game and it makes sense how it comes to an end, maybe theres a few things that you can chnage or ad later, but I like what you have done.

So now that we can get to this little section here, we can get some helpful hints across the board, So after playing your game a tad bit this is what I came up with. Maybe adding more medals will be a big plus I wouldnt mind this being a bit larger in the view screen more to see and do.


This is a great game! But... The logic of it all. I was running from the cops and it said: Lynch Mob. As civilians were attacking me... They killed me, and it said: Death was not caught in tape. Please tell me why this happens. Its making me mad! :I

Pretty good but could use improvement, like being able to nab a gun off of enemies for example.

This is cool.