Reviews for "You Are The Victim"

A funny parody of the media and TV violence.
The medals work, and I earned them all.

Good message:Manipulating the truth to look like you weren't stabbing people and were killed for holding a toy knife.I also like the realistic difficulty of getting killed.

Reasons for the game being made aside, the game works and does wwhat it set out to do really well, and it feels well polished and is fun to play, it works well.

Awesome game!
Walkthrough: You need to kill all the people on the street. When the cop comes then you need to by shot 2 times and it must be recorded on the camera. You must also get at least 1200 points. You get points if you stab a person, be recorded on camera while being hit or shot or being arrested on camera. You will lose points if you will use knife on the camera. There are also 4 different endings.

Pretty enjoyable game with a clever premise. The political message is true in a lot of different ways, especially right now (2016, I'm going to call this year right now as the hardest downfall), but I really don't want to stress myself out with all the media BS. This is a well made game that I think a lot of people should play. I'm going to go with a 5/5. since the message was portrayed well, the script was written to set a nice tone to fit the subject matter, and the gameplay was pretty good.

For those of you who don't understand what the author is criticizing, I have a great example. I am not saying this to express political opinion, only to clarify and inform. About two years ago, I was reading continuous news bulletins about a local police officer who had been shot, and in critical condition in a hospital. The reports I was reading were local, not national (this is the U.S., by the way). What happened is that the officer and his partner were sent in the middle of a low-income neighborhood, and the suspect was shooting into people's homes until the police arrived. There were countless calls to the police during his rampage, but the original call was from him, so he could lure the police and murder an officer (it's also assumed that he was committing a form of suicide, as he didn't have any means of escape from the police, nor did he have any solid motive). When the two officers arrived on the scene, they didn't shoot, as that would be breaking protocol if a suspect isn't directly threatening a civilian or officer. The officer in subject was down in three shots, upper body, dead. His partner shot the suspect, one shot, upper body. The suspect was rushed to the hospital, and the officer as well, even though he was believed fatally wounded. The suspect died in the hospital. News started covering the neighborhood of the event, and that's when an uninformed national media began their assault. The story soon became less about a murdered father of three, and more about the "execution" of a man who was reported by family of abusing hard drugs and alcohol, and physically abusing women. And the media managed to spin it into another "cops hate black people" story.

Sorry for unloading that onto your game Alon-Tzarafi, but I've had a bad taste in my mouth ever since that incident.