Reviews for "Cyndre Phase"

Well this was very entartaining, great art and animation, flashy sounds, exciting music, this was a fast paced, colourful and challenging game set in an epic battle between lasers, space ships, comets, all sorts of space shit with an epic final battle, allthough i did think the first 2 boss fights were kinda dull. But still, amazing game

Gets old REALLY quickly. Upgrades might help. But I don't think much.

Good game, great special effects, great dynamics and smooth play. I cannot comment on the sound, though, because there are people sleeping next to me, but I'll play it again later. Some levels are difficult enough to make then challenging, but still they're not so hard they're not enjoyable. I wish it was longer.

Sorry for bad English.

I thought that I would be taking a break from all the fast paced action games. Boy, was I wrong! This is seriously one of the most intense things I've ever come across! I was truly annoyed by how I didn't even get a medal for completing the last level. Sometimes, the hardest part was finding out where to hit the boss. I still more or less beat the game.

I appreciate all the designs used here. I had no idea you could make these projectiles so well. I think my favorite would be the ones that make that weird sound when you hit them. They're not all that hard to kill either. Yep, this is still a great game!

That number so Sacred especially this year.
Did you knew they made a 3rd this year of a game that it was thought to forever been in cliffhanger?
Shenmue 3 after 15 years of waiting for sequel!
Sorry i broke the 3 rule and actually voted 5 in newgrouds ;)