Reviews for "Cyndre Phase"

Good sound and graphic but missing innovation.

It's a good game.
Graphics,sound and gameplay are very good.

I find it little short,there should be more levels and it should be a little more difficult.Except that,this game is awesome.

Very good game. I wish it had more levels though. Real fun play!! Good Job!! Hope 2 see Cyndre Phase 2 in the near future!. the 3rd level was cool and my favorite level visually!.

Wow, just , wow !
I don't like too much space games, but here, I have some pleasure to play this game !
Action, music, good content !
4/5 stars because I like games with fullscreen , and is more difficult (personally) to beat the first boss.
So, sorry for my bad english !

Fucking awesome! :D