Reviews for "Cyndre Phase"

Amazing artwork! love the graphics of the game and the simplicity of it, in my opinion though a game you can beat in 5 minutes isn't all that great though. Still a great looking game though awesome job!

Extremely short and very easy, but I can tell you spent a lot of time and effort on it and you didn't give up halfway and either start begging for money from random people or dilute the concept all to hell and then dump it unceremoniously on the internet, unlike a lot of people who make flash games.

Well done!

Rad gameplay, wonderful animation, and cool music. 10/10!!!!

It is very good but 10 levels with more of a super boss at the end would be nice. Does anyone really click to shoot? Auto firing without having to hold down the mouse button would be nice.

ok this is a game I really liked, indeed a very nice choice of graphic style, love the music too, it goes nicely with the rhythm of the action. the game might be rather short, but it makes up for it by being very intense. Granted, I played on hard mode right off the bat, but I think it is the best way to enjoy this game.