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Reviews for "Los Angeles Shark"

Its like every other shark attack game

I really have to say that these shark games a bit boring, although i understand that they are easy money makers and always very popular. So i will just evaluate the game itself based on the other shark games i have played.

The music was pretty cool, graphics as always brilliant and well the game itself was ok.

What a great game, easy, addicting, time consuming.

P.S. @Funkyninja23, It isn't hard to get over 2 mil.... 2497740
That was the first try. So don't think you're the best, because I promise people have over 10 mil on here...

This is a decent time waster, but it doesn't really feel any different than any of the other shark games at this point. They're all starting to become interchangeable at this point.

It's something to be a shark and just kill off some random people and thing.....