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Reviews for "Los Angeles Shark"

Yes! Another entry in this amazing series! I have little doubt this will be popular along with everything else. The best part was probably all the different planes that you took down. It was weird how the achievements showed up. I didn't realize that I got them at first!

It's so easy to get lost in this game. If there's any moments of non yelling, you know you're doing poorly. The graphics and designs are all great. It did seem harder than the other ones. It's still definitely worth looking at.

funny but not so funny

is a good game is just that is exactly the same thing we need something new like in medieval shark that was funny

continue makin games and make them better because you are not a padawan creator anymore.
¡¡you are a masted jedi creator¡¡
good day and good life :)


Lmfao. This is funny as hell. 4.5 stars!

Nothing new from the rest of the series.

You could go so much further with this serie, like do a cyberpunk one, or just futuristic, but I imagine how much work you put just to do this ones, thank you anyways.

Wiesi responds:

Long ago, I tried something that. Check out this video, there's a futuristic shark in it: https://youtu.be/1U6rxwi-__g?t=63