Reviews for "Los Angeles Shark"

Found a bug: When you enter your name for the highscore list and your name contains an "R", the game gets reset.

Wiesi responds:

Oh, thanks for reporting!

Its like every other shark attack game

oh man that was fun. i have only one explanation. you live in la.

You know, the original concept was good, but I feel it's been milked well and dry at this point. Each next installment seems to add very little in the means of features, content, and new encounters.

A bit of fun and a few giggles, sure. Iconic at this point? Absolutely, but innovative or worth coming back per installment? I wouldn't really say so, personally

Hope to see more innovative works again off into the future... we'll see what happens.

6/10, 3/5 ~WCCC

Decent game, had a blast, but NONE of my medals were awarded.