Reviews for "Don't Escape 3"

Compelling but logical puzzles - it's hard to pitch this difficulty level right, but this game does a good job of it. A tight script. Nice graphics. A game structure that ably makes use of the "non-real-time countdown" dynamic that worked so well in the other games.

Any complaints? Lack of character development and a degree of predictability in the plot, and the flashing graphics were a distraction when attempting to read the data pad. Would have liked a wider variety of endings as in the previous games - there was opportunity for this, you've got access to a lab and 3D printing machine that can make loads of stuff, it might have been possible to find another way to destroy the crystal, or at least get the life-support working for long enough that you can communicate first-hand with the rescue ship before they dock. But I liked everything else about it and it deserves 5/5 and all the acclaim it has been getting.

This review may seem unduly negative but

Great game. Just wish I could figure out how to get the hull breach achievement.

Fantastic game, very suspensful, and the exact enjoyable difficulty level for me (puzzles that make real sense, no one-pixel hunts, but still complicated enough :))

Voting with a 5 in the comment, due to a miss-click on the other voting with a wrong number that is not undo-able while I actually intended to click the author's name :/

Great game! Continues the theme of previous installments, combined with "Deep Sleep" series elements (ex. sharing similarities with the twist from "The Deepest Sleep");
More detailed than previous "Don't Escape", though I would've preferred more variations with the endings.
Would've been pretty cool if this tied in with "A small talk".

awesome endings
good jumpscares
cant wait for dont escape 4