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Reviews for "Don't Escape 3"

They could really add some basic information for the function of the tool built in the workspace,other than portable igniter, I had total no idea what the others are for until i watched the play through --

Seeing all the awards this thing got I was curious to see what it was about. This is pretty good. Lots of puzzles, a few spooks. Seemed pretty obvious that there were some psychological issues going on from the time eyes started appearing in the windows. Ultimately the whole mixing thing felt annoying to me. I figured out the solvent for the crystals but didn't feel like doing it all over again for the bomb.

Pretty cool game, though it felt a little bit bare to me. Voice acting would have been nice, as well as there being more of a story after the big plot twist. I didn't really understand what the main character's motivation was after finding the empty suit. He's already infected, right? Seems like the reasonable thing to do is eat pancakes until you die.

Nice! I suppose this is kinda like submachine?

Not sure what it was, but the other 2 didn't scare me so much. This one, I was almost always on the edge of my seat. I believe this mixed in the fear factor of Deep Sleep [series] almost perfectly, yet still retained the general theme of "Don't Escape". In my opinion, this deserves nothing less than 5 stars.

Very good game. Its entire run is filled with just enough amount of creepiness so that a faint-hearted gamer like me wouldn't be scared off completely but still feels engaged. The difficulty is just about right as well. Music and sound effects also fit the theme of the game perfectly. My only complaint is the static noise on the data pod screen. I understand the author would like to give an 'electrical' feel or something like that, but the noise makes it so hard to read the text. I like the static noise effect, but please reduce it a little bit so that I can read the text without eye strain. Again, thanks for the wonderful game!