Reviews for "Battle Blades; Black Version"

we need more RPG and "personality" here. If you could change the behavior of the bleyblade (more defensive, less attacks, etc) this would be 10 times better. There's some real potential here.

anyone knows where is hidden token? :(

Good game bro,and really hard to find tha golden astronaut!

It was pretty good except for the fact that I lost some battles even though I had more health than the other guy. Once, the other guy had no more health and I had some, but I still lost! Fix this please. Also, I think that I should get more money than 200 for winning a tournament. As the tournaments progress, the amount of money I acquire should increase too. All in all a pretty good game.

Man I had to do a lot of grinding to get the God plate part.

You literally can't win in the Tournament Gold if you don't have the God attachment.