Reviews for "Battle Blades; Black Version"

nice game :D

JackAstral responds:

Thanks Necroionutwiz!

One of my favorite games found while scrounging around in the NewGrounds. Keep up the good work dude!

Pretty good! But need LOTS more parts like actual beyblade but awesome!

This is so nostalgic. I remembered back then when I tinkered my beyblade and try out stupid combinations or additions on them.

The gameplay itself is too simple though. Sure, real beyblade "battles" are very randomized and purely depends on luck and the customization, but this is a web game, not the real one. The chance of winning by arena out is so small that whoever has the most stamina wins most of the time.
Probably make it so that we have more control on it, like some kind of control or better specials. Maybe make it so that each body can provide different special.

It's beautifully crafted - but I'm not sure if I just played a game, or just sat through a lesser beyblade simulator... do I have any control over the beyblade other than the "special" button??? I'm not sure..... and that is a bad thing - I don't know if I was winning battles or if it was sheer luck.

OK, so I know I was winning when I clicked special just before colliding with opponent and knocked them out, and I know I was losing when I clicked special just before colliding with opponent and bounced off them (and out!!): but this in itself is a bit of a problem... obviously I knocked the opponent out MORE often than myself - but I don't know why: it felt like I was doing the same thing each time (obviously I didn't use special if my beyblade was closer to the edge than the opponents...)

Beyblades (at least playing them in both reality and this game) is BORING. What is nice about beyblades is they can get quite technical and pretty. Really needed decorative plates (the pretty bit!) - these should be awarded for beating various opponents in the part (personal plates) or winning competition (competition plates). Also missing weight discs... or was this the face plate?? Seems strange both parts affect ALL the stats: misses out on the technical aspect of beyblades. Most importantly, missing the base blade... also most beyblades are four or five parts!! AND don't even get me started on the launcher (that needed to be upgradeable: and would probably be your main source of stamina). Also launching the beyblade is usually where MOST of the strategy is in playing with real beyblades... hence not a very good beyblade simulator.

Opponents needed more depth, and less throw-away one-liners.

For me I think this misses the point of having beyblades ON A COMPUTER SCREEN. My beyblades should be able to have effects! Like electricity, or flames, or mini-tornadoes shooting off... also actual spinning blades, and flashing lights... you get the idea :D

Yeah: so I wish it were more like actual beyblades (more parts, more technical aspects: i.e. each part contributes in different ways to the overall beyblades attributes); OR the beyblades could do things we all would love them to do in reality.

PS Beating that last player with the godflake took quite a few goes. Honestly I feel I just got lucky: but I did find I needed to have a godflake as well: which suggests that there is little strategy to the game: just have a better beyblade or lots of luck.

Still, the game is beautifully crafted: and I kept playing till I won the gold tournament... so 3 stars for your effort.