Reviews for "Battle Blades; Black Version"

Pros: You can upgrade you beyblade and participate in tournaments, but thats it.

Cons:NPCs are REAL bland and all have the same shadows, I know you battle other people to upgrade you blade but why isn't there a villan? If you did that the game would be more fun.
You can't charge and have to hope that your beyblade wins.

Other than that its a fine game.

I really liked this game it reminds me of Pokemon a little.
keep up the good work.

P.S i think one of the achievements is glitched it says 5000 PB shouldn't it be BP?

Great idea needs a bit more options for blade building and in gameplay itself. also idk if its just me or its the game, but I would like to see a save button in the future, I cant continue where I left off, so if someone beats my 2nd place score I have to go thru the entire game again to beat theirs.

JackAstral responds:

Thanks! The game autosaves each time you win a battle.

The problem with this game is that some of the elements are extremely strong and some are really weak.

Looks of interfaces, menu planning, fonts which say ready set - really nice

Gameplay - terrible, all you o is press when you want to start spinning and then you wait for special to click it. Far from fun

Why I see shadows of enemies instead of full grpahic?!

When buying in shop you dont see your current blade - I want to compare my current blade with one Im about to buy.

I dont feel how stats effect gameplay, I dont see stats of enemies what prevents me from creating tactic against them.

I want to be able to shoot my blad ewith different speed and angle.

Weak font on money (harsh comparison with font which says ready-set)

Music - too electronic , try to listen it for a while and it will ge toyu really tired.

One of my favorite games found while scrounging around in the NewGrounds. Keep up the good work dude!