Reviews for "Battle Blades; Black Version"

we need more RPG and "personality" here. If you could change the behavior of the bleyblade (more defensive, less attacks, etc) this would be 10 times better. There's some real potential here.

Let's Beyblade!

On second thought let's not, because sumo tops are boring as hell.

Cute. Animation is limited, game play is limited, not a lot of creativity here. It got dull pretty quickly (I am admittedly not a beyblades fan). Eh. Nothing terrible, nothing great. No glitches though, so nice work there.

every time i use the special, I am instantly kicked off the board.
every time i use special at same time as the enemy, i get stuck inside him...
I battled Inori for first, second and third round in the tournament... he cheating?

JackAstral responds:

Using special is pretty risky. It makes you move three times as fast, so if your blade is moving toward the edge of the stadium / was just knocked by an enemy, it's pretty likely it'll fall out. The idea is to activate it when your blade is centered and knocking the enemy toward the edge of the stadium.

Good point with the NPC names and the getting stuck thingy- I'll make sure to fix that up soon!

nice game :D

JackAstral responds:

Thanks Necroionutwiz!