Reviews for "Battle Blades; Black Version"

It was pretty good except for the fact that I lost some battles even though I had more health than the other guy. Once, the other guy had no more health and I had some, but I still lost! Fix this please. Also, I think that I should get more money than 200 for winning a tournament. As the tournaments progress, the amount of money I acquire should increase too. All in all a pretty good game.

Pretty good! But need LOTS more parts like actual beyblade but awesome!

This is so nostalgic. I remembered back then when I tinkered my beyblade and try out stupid combinations or additions on them.

The gameplay itself is too simple though. Sure, real beyblade "battles" are very randomized and purely depends on luck and the customization, but this is a web game, not the real one. The chance of winning by arena out is so small that whoever has the most stamina wins most of the time.
Probably make it so that we have more control on it, like some kind of control or better specials. Maybe make it so that each body can provide different special.

Good game bro,and really hard to find tha golden astronaut!

Nice game! very good man ;)