Reviews for "Gravity Driver 2"

Amazing looking game, but a bit too challenging to begin with. Excellent work, though!

FilipeSheepwolf responds:

Thank you :)


I like it. It's very addictive. It's simple and the controls are easy. It does remember of a racing game I played on the SNES years ago when I was a kid. All in all, good work.

I like it, It's just that it was lagging for me (a lot). Even if it's on a low setting its still lags like crazy. (I could not get pass the 1st level at all until 6 tries later.) Also the controls are a bit odd and i feel like you should of had added more things and work in you game a little bit more. (Also love how the game checked my computer before it started the game, to see if my computer was slow or not)
Overall: Its an ok game! :)

This game has merit but, to me, is just an inferior adaptation of the classic Miniclip game called Pipe Riders.