Reviews for "Attack of Crazy Folks"

5% upgrade...?

i don't think you understand the point of upgrade-based games - it's the fun of progressing. getting stronger/richer/etc.

5% is nothing.

also the shooting and explosion noises are WAY too loud.. and not pleasant sounds either.

Cutepop responds:

Thank you for your feedback. We will definitely review the upgrade system and audio in our future project.

It was hard for me to get into this. It got really annoying with those controls. You should have just been allowed to click over and over. I'm pretty certain the enemies just kept coming and coming. It was frustrating given how hard the controls were. At least I won some medals.

I hate to say that medals are often the only reason I play a game. The music was pretty nice. It was hard to tell if something was tell. They kept killing me as I was firing. At least you created something interesting.

Cutepop responds:

Hi there, thank you for your review. We will be reviewing the controls in our future project. We are glad that you managed to obtain some medals. Thank you very much for playing!

strange controls firing with space :D

Cutepop responds:

Hi NewReborn, thank you very much for your review. You can try use "Enter" key to shoot and see if it's a better alternative for you to play.
Thank you very much for playing!

Awesome game bro!

Cutepop responds:

Hi HCursino, thank you so much for your review! We are glad that our game works for you. Thank you so much for playing!

Looks like my review will be the first :-) You definitely know how to make games. The graphics are great, the physics and controls work 100% fine for me. Being able to crash all of these crates - priceless. like Duke Nukem would say: "He he he he, what a mess!" ;-) I only didn't like few things:
1. Probably the worst thing: the information board about the boss near the boss zone, when the camera zooms in and you partially lose control of the shooter. I even got killed once because of that. You can leave it, but without that camera zoom.
2. I also have a feeling that for few seconds after the board (this one or initial) is being shown, the game works slightly slower.
3. I don't like the fact that most of the times when I have to jump down I don't know anything about what is waiting for me, what opposition will there be etc.
4. Make found hearts collectible only when the health is partially depleted.
5. I assume that it was intentional to make the player unable to kill all the enemies once and for all since they respawn, but it irritated me when for example one guy respawned just in the place where I was currently standing and costed me a heart.
6. Sometimes I will really wish that I could run fast & shoot at the same time.
7. Maybe besides upgrades, enable also some legendary guns to buy? Like Peacemaker, or maybe Dirty Harry's Mr Smith and Mr Wesson (if I remember that correctly) :-)
Anyway, good job! :-)

Cutepop responds:

Hi HerbieG, thank you very much for the first review! Thank you for your creative ideas and we would definitely consider them for our future projects. Thank you for the great ideas.