Reviews for "Attack of Crazy Folks"

Controls have some lag, and I am unable to progress past stage one. I click the button for return to menu and get a black screen.

I have not idea how to get 3 stars in mission

Cutepop responds:

Hi Cersp, thank you very much for your review. To get the stars, you will need to beat each level at a fast timing.
We will improve on the communication with the players in our future projects.

Could be 5 if i had the ability to aim. Just got killed by a midget.

Cutepop responds:

Hi JoeBros,
Thank you very much for your review. We have taken note on the aiming suggestion and will consider it in our future projects.

great game, but i highly dislike the fact that there is no ability to either map controls, or an alternate set of them that doesn't use the space bar as fire.

Cutepop responds:

Thank you very much for the review. We didn't include ability or map control for this project which we would definitely consider in our future projects.

You can try use "Enter" key to shoot and see if it's a better alternative for you to play.

Idk why... but the play button doesn't work for me :c

Edit: Tried it again in 2018 and now it works, maybe it was the ad blocker..

Cutepop responds:

Hi there, I am unsure why the play button does not work for you. This is definitely an isolated incident. Have you tried it on other browser or other devices? Hopefully other PC can work for you.