Reviews for "Slime Rampage"

I'ts not a stelar game, but a lot of people are here hating it. Truth be told, it got past judgement, and it is a functional game. The people writing those awfull reviews, should be more supportive, and remeber this is a website for everyone to post their games and animations, no matter how good or bad they are, everyone has the right to express themselves.
I'm assuming you aren't very experienced in making games, but I urge you not to give up, practise makes perfect.
looking forward for future submissions, good luck.

RyuuseiGames responds:

Thanks for the words!

Really? This is the worst game that i have played.

Score 21 and Level 5, no more enemies. It's really boring!

The story is good, and presented well. The slime animation is smooth, and I like the art, but it makes me a bit sad that you used open source art. (I like seeing custom art, that's all! :D) The gameplay is addicting, but the random hero drop made some challenges nearly impossible. I didn't even know I could attack until my friend pointed out the button in the bottom-right! And I didn't know that right-arrow was attack until I literally just looked up at the game!
The win conditions make me sad. "Make a score of thirty to win"? I haven't "won" yet, but that kinda reduces the story to me. I think this would be the type of game as a endless runner-thing, with online high scores. Maybe you could have achievements in the future for reaching a certain number, or a "pacifist" achievement for jumping over a certain number of heroes? Just some ideas.
I also applaud your efforts to make the game touchscreen-friendly; I'm trying to do that with my C2 Jam entry now, and it's nice to see you succeeded! Also, I didn't encounter any bugs during my playthrough (at least, none I'm aware of).

RyuuseiGames responds:

Thank you Norbez. Glad to read that. We will be adjusting this game in a near future and your suggestions are very cool. Thanks again!

very good!!!

RyuuseiGames responds:

Thank you!