Reviews for "Slime Rampage"

needs more something

Fun concept, good job. It all depends on what you will do with this game so I can't really give any feedback since I don't know which way you will be going with this game. RPG? Action? Don't really know

Could have more heroes and would be nice if the slime actually leveled up. But what you really need is a correct killscreen. All in all tight controls and nice concept.

Could be looooot better...
It's a really good idea, but... Like I've said, could be better...

The description is kinda interesting, but the game doesn't match the expectations it creates (especially since it reached the front page).
I 'won' this game and don't feel any bit like a hero.
"Heroes" are the kind of characters who can do lots of different things that no one else can, or who are willing to make an ultimate sacrifice.

This game would probably be very good if it were a LOT bigger. A non-hero becoming a hero has more to do with leveling, exploration and challenge :\

Still, nice work making a game in so little time