Reviews for "Slime Rampage"

we get it its a jam game....still sucks

I understand this was made in a game jam, but this is just horrible.

First off, the controls are pretty bad. Instead of space to jump and right arrow to attack, you could of easily made it Z to jump X to attack.

Secondly, the sounds and soundtrack are horrible. When you attack, it makes a sound. If you press it to quickly it gets annoying real fast.

Thirdly, the game is boring. Nothing other than spam right arrow and press jump every so often. Nothing to it.

Here's my feedback.

I get it's a jam with a time limit, so good job pumping something out - be proud of your accomplishment!

With that said, a few ways you can improve it to take it to the next level:

- Bugs. You know about them, I won't repeat them - just fix 'em.
- Make the slime bounce when he lands, perhaps even add a small animation before he jumps like he's squishing to the ground. Slimes are squishy!
- Lighten the graphics for your slime and enemies. The scenery and UI is so bright and shiny, but the characters are super dark.
- Add some effects, i.e. if you hit an enemy don't just end the game like that. Have the slime get knocked back, blink red a few times very quickly, and fade away like it would in an adventure game.
- Add more to do. You need some variety in a game like this; maybe powerups, ability to eat certain enemies to grow, transform into different types of slimes, etc.

Anyway, that's all I have time for, just a few ideas. Good luck and hope to see you improve this game some more!

RyuuseiGames responds:

Thank you!

Sorry, but i don't really like it!

I believe that people don't know what is a jam. You guys are in the right way, you show what can be done in that tool, even with this simple sample. Good look to you in your new games.