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Reviews for "Pico Sim Date <3"

Remembered playing the last one a long time ago...
Really helped me how to talk to grills
Needless to say I'm still single.

I... I've been waiting 8 years for this. It's better than I ever could have hoped. Godspeed.

Really love it, maybe you should work more with the sleep option lol btw can't wait for full game

After playing through the game twice. I found it enjoyable even with the fan service added the game looks to be a fine gem without the polish. Even though I find this good there are a few things I see that could be touched up on.

- A list of active places throughout the days or after completing an action that changes the time and action in area unavailable to take you back to the Map screen.

- Some random events or randomly meeting up with the girls while increasing stats.

- For the flash animation possibly adding stat increases depending on how well the animation is/was.

Hope to see a final project sometime but please take your time.

Real simple and fun. Any idea on when the full game will be out?