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Reviews for "Pico Sim Date <3"

Dude, to think that part 3 is actually here, after all these years. Best Pico Day since 2007.

Moosh responds:

Haha Happy Pico Day!

I played both of the other Pico sim date games, and i really like this one too. I would suggesat adding a kissing animation like what was in Pico sim date 2. Also I would like to see the work events return.

Moosh responds:

People really like kissing animations apparently haha. And events too!

Excellent Dating Sim. It really breaks the tedious formula of most old dating sims you find on this site. Most of the girls are pretty cute and/or sexy, and I really love the date system and how the girls don't revolve around one skill or one career choice, but rather, many different skills.

+ Being able to salvage the date with apologizing and using methods to avoid causing offense by forgetting information. Seriously, that is groundbreaking, most dating sims force you to fail if you miss one question or forget to buy a gift.
+Pico's appearence has improved from previous games. Less stereotypically anime.
+Many different careers to choose from, instead of just a "go to work" button.
+Hilarious/entertaining bosses/coworkers/trainers in the careers.
+Most of the girls are really cute.
+Nene is a total, unapologetic bitch. I'm into that.
-Money is too easy to earn.
-It's a pain in the ass to build up balls, even more so than brains.
-Allie's design is awkward.
-I was hoping to get bitched at by Lilium for making a shitty ass painting. Sadly, I didn't. :(
-Nene not avalible yet.
- Only a few of the girls mention their parents. I'd like to see more of that, for example, Trish mentioning how her dad has a total hard on for you.
-This is the newest game in the series, and I assume this one isn't following the continuity of previous games, since there is no mention of us dating Nene...speaking of which, have we even gotten a proper conclusion to Pico Sim Date 2?

Suggestions (not pros or cons, but things that I think should be in the game)
Fighting system.
The ability to date Lilium (goth girls are cute).
A more obvious difference in favorite gifts compared to non-favorites.
Jealously system (for example, Nene calling you out on your bush shenanigans with Bree if you both are dating).
Add Korean to Hun-Ei's dialogue. Seeing as Doki and Nabi symbolize the "Taboo" relationship of a Japanese person and a Korean due to their nations' deep and dark history, Hun-Ei should be both fluent in Japanese (or Moonspeak) and Korean.
Gay option. Despite the series being pretty heterosexual, I think this would be a nice addition to the game. We've seen childless mascots around, so this boy could easily be the child of Blockhead, Salad Fingers, Strawberry Clock, Samurai Asshole, Madness, etc. Perhaps he would hang out in the Audio portal or the Mall?

And all of that aside, well done! I hope to see this completed very soon!

Moosh responds:

Whoa, thanks for the the huge review!

A lot of people are having the same problems as you do, so they'll definitely be addressed for the finished version. As for the story continuity from the previous ones, I felt that it's been so long that they should just be left off as they are now (kinda the reason why this game is technically called "Pico Sim Date <3 instead of Pico Sim Date 3). Unfortunately, I'm missing many files from the 2nd one so I don't think I'm able to give it a proper conclusion...

Haha the jealousy feature sounds hilarious... and yes! Hun-Ni actually does speak both, but I guess it's hard to notice when her dialogue is random.

Again, thanks for the review!

For a long time I thought you were dead or forgot about us, and boy am I happy that you didn't.

I'm going to post some simple answers to the questions for the dating portion of the game, so that you guys aren't bothered.

Trish :
Age : 23
Favorite food : Takiziti
Job : Activist
Favorite type of people: Someone with diligence.

Age : 21
Favorite food : Bugles
Job : Waitress
Favorite type of people : Confident
Favorite sport : MMA
Favorite famous person : Gordan Ramsey
Places been? : To eight countries.

Bree :
Age : 18
Favorite food : Mushrooms
Favorite activity : Frisbee
Job : Unemployed
Favorite type of person : Funny

Allie :
Age : 5600
Favorite artist : Muse
Favorite type of person : Creative
Occupation : ---- (assume scientist or mechanic.)

Hun-Ni :
Age : 20
Favorite game : Hearthstone
Favorite hobby : Streaming gaming.
Job : Full-Time student
Favorite food : Cho
Wants to go to : Disneyland!

Very good dating sim finish the game please! ive done every route except nina