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Reviews for "Pico Sim Date <3"

Awesome game keep up the amazing work.

Moosh responds:

Will do! Thanks! :)

Why Korea character say Jappanes With Korean?

Awesome game as usual! I love how you created the girls based on popular Newgrounds characters. I've beaten this game already, so I know a few tricks:

Hun-Ni likes Sensitivity (the teddy bear), Trish likes Diligence (the notebook), Donna likes Confidence (the arm), Bree likes Humor (the smiley face), Allie likes Creativity (the palette), and I'm assuming Nene likes Audacity (the hand). Audacity is the hardest to get, but I guess it doesn't matter since Nene's not in the game yet.

Each girl also likes a specific gift: Hun-Ni likes the stuffed bunny, Trish likes the magazine, Donna likes the energy drink, Bree likes chocolate, Allie likes flowers, and I'm assuming Nene likes the shoes, although it's kind of funny to imagine giving her the same shoes over and over XD

I liked how you structured the tasks so you're not just grinding one thing the whole time. For example, having to get a B+ grade in order to level up your relationship with Donna is not something I would have thought of... or anyone really :D Most dating sims just make you pick one girl and grind the crap out of the proper skills, but you really have to be an all-around player in order to beat this game.

I can't wait for the full release! :)

When is the full version coming out?

The fact that I can consistently date, what, five girls at once makes this game A-okay in my book.